Caterina Annovazzi

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Artist Statement
A former student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Lyons), she then graduated from the C.L.C.F (Paris).
She is both a member of Réalité Seconde - a group set up by André Sablé - and the vice-president of the Salon Comparaisons (Grand Palais, Paris).
She won the silver medal of Arts-Sciences-Lettres (Paris) and the Grand Prix G.L de Saint-Malo plus numerous regional prizes.
She is included in the Drouot Cotation reference book.
Auctions carried out by Maître Aguttes (Drouot Neuilly).
She was a member of the jury in art shows. 

Caterina Annovazzi turned to abstract painting while wash-painting figures: she decided to get rid of the figures, keeping only the background. From then on, she devoted her art to landscape painting : from luminous and powerful heavily-brushed vistas of coastal lines to lyrical representations of the cosmos.
Her paintings then drew their inspiration from various forms of spirituality : the psychedelic sub-culture, doing retreats in monasteries, living as a hermit, practising meditation and yoga, forays into Eastern mysticim and humanistic psychology. 
Her change of pictorial subject and her transition from the linearity of the sea horizon to the painting of the cosmos can be perceived as the reflection of a strong inner life. 

Her paintings take shape by following a long, evolutionary pattern in a ritual quest for inspiration - wandering in the countryside, gazing at fires, conceptualizing pictures while bathing, practising relaxation therapy.
The artist gets immersed in her own work by using the natural elements as a way of ''greeting'' the painting. 
As for the ''cosmic paintings'', the first phase is devoted to the quest for pictures related to space: nebulas and comets as well as solar explosions.
In the isolation of the workshop, incense as well as fragrances and serial music of the cyclic or tantric kind are used to create a suitable environment.