EWAL Art Sales and Rental Services 

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How to use our services :

Art will transform your home and workplace into a relaxed environment and many companies, shops use art effectively to improve sales and promote their business. Please see some samples below which will change the places significantly before and after the art was added. You can find your favourite art works from our 5000 candidates or we can search and find the right ones for you within three days. We have art rental facility as well so please make the most of our services.
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Why our service is so special ?

  • Established in 1996 in London and have been organizing various art events and exhibitions for artists in the East and West so we have nearly 5000 registered artists in our list and we can find any works that you are looking for.

  • We know all artist wish to sell their works so we set up this site to sell works (of our artists) but we mainly target to our corporate clients in Japan and UK and not to unknown individuale online. The reason is we can provide them with better services and sell with higher prices.   

  • Our corporate clients are companies, restaurants, coffee shops, hair / esthetic salons, hotels, clinics etc in Japan, and UK (and other countries) who registered with us so we know who they are and they can trust us.

  • We will sell works not only at this site but also we have a kind shop in central London (Regent street) who will display or hang our artists' works to sell to their customers who will walk in to the shop.  We will recommend and also the shop will select works from our candidates to display at their shop. We will replace the works for every three weeks so there are always fresh works on display. we will also sell some of works at our showroom in Chelsea in December as our Special Christmas Art sale every year.

  • We can sell prints from original art work so the artists can sell more and the buyer will have many options to buy (buy original / .buy original by 12 months rental / buy print with a frame / buy print only and a buyer can put a frame)

  • The buyer will not need to pay any after click 'Add to cart' button. When click the button Application form will open instead of 'Pay now' form so please fill in details of the work that you wish to buy and submit to us. Then we will check all details and availability of the work and calcurate total price (including shipping costs, tax etc) and reply to the buyer with all information for ready to buy so no misunderstanding before pay anything. Please see step-by-step guide of purchasing procedure as follow.

How to order ?

1  .  Log in to the site. If you do not have password please sign up at first.

2.   Select the category and your favourite work(s) from our candidate art list..  If you cannot find any favourite in the list please request our special help to search alternative candidates for you. We can submit custom made list for you within the next three days.

3    Select your option to buy or rent and click on a 'Add to cart'  button of your selected work..

4  . Purchase order form will open so please fill in details of the work (title, artist name, option price, etc.) and your infomation and question /request form and submit.

5.    After we receive your order form we will check the details with the artist and location of the buyer, we will send all information which is included the final total price to pay by E-mail. Price will be difference depend on the location (UK or Japan) as shipping costs may be included. If the buyer request for our art rental services, we will send monthly rental plan and rental agreement.

6.   After you check all details and information that we sent to you by email and if you agree all, then please pay the agreed fee by Paypal (or bank transfer for UK buyer). We will send a receipt in return.

7 .  As soon as we receive the payment we will arrange shipment or delivery of the work. Delivery time is depend on location of the buyer but normally it will take between 1-2 weeks.

For any questions : [email protected]​​​​​

■ Buy original work as it is.
■ Buy one-off print with fixed size and frame.
■ Buy one print for any size you request. You can have with artist's signature and edition number. We will roll the print and put in a tube and post it.to the buyer without frame.
■ Apply for rental option ...if the price of the work is more than £800, then the buyer can apply for our 12 months rental option and pay monthly. After 12 months, the client can choose to change the work or purchase it by paying the balance.