Karly and Anne V

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing

Artist Statement

In the world of art, singular and expression, are often seen as par for the course. Rarely are collaborative efforts ever seen beyond the scope of curiosity, or as a mere functionnal exercise between two artists. This paradigme, however, is shifted forever after one views the collaborative works of « Me for You » the collective French artists Karly and Anne V.
Before one focuses on the style and method used on their collaborative relief paintings, one cannot escape the essence of the synergy that their finished works express.
The art of Karly and Anne V is a clear demonstration of the oneness and interconnectedness of creation. When Karly, a cognitive psychology expert, and Anne V, a knowledgeable art historian and trained cabinetmaker, came together to collaborate on art pieces, the results were ethereal.
The productive synergy between form and color used by these two artists captures the eyes of the viewers with their unique perspective of the concepts of emptiness. Much like that scientific discipline, their collaborative work invokes a sense of silence. No element of their work, be it form, scale of color is mundane. With creations that range from floor-mounted and wall mounted sculptures and paintings, to those that are suspended. Karly and Anne V know to incorporate dimensional perspective to their art form.
Karly and Anne V creations strongly emphazise their approach. Their common taste for the origins of humanity led them to work together. They created new artistic writings and developped their technique to achieve hybrid works. The serie « THE GARDEN OF THE U MUTANTS » sculptures built with painting canvas and fur and their new artworks « RIPE RED APPLES AND SOLAR DISCS » mixing recycled textiles testify this. Adept of diversity and staging, they enjoy to invite different mediums at the same events. They like to mix different materials in its strongest antagonists. Karly and Anne V are protean artists.
They could aslo qualify themselves as theatrical producer as they dissect the theme on which they work. They extract elements to create a counter-current that they developp in several sequences, similar to theatrical production were scoff and seriouness comme toghether. The serie « SPECIAL MEETING » is an example. Karly and Anne V alson claim the status of noisemakers because when their senses are exacerbated, they consider more the phenomenal side of their perception by visualizing the possibility of creating themselves these phenomena as demonstrated with their drawings « THE BEINGS OF THE WATER ».
They, therefore alternate between the states of restitution and the state of noisemakers by staging which the central goal is to confront the visistors with diferent anthropomorphic glimpses of the emptiness. Finally they practice like archeologist, with the difference that they are searching the emptiness to highligt its civilizations and the reason for nature concerning the nothing, the nothingness and the death.
As a testament to what two kindred spirit can do each of these two artists unleashes their particular talent exclusively within a given palne. Anne V brings forth her talent for dimensionnal artistry by creating the form and frame, while Karly infuses her artistic magic of colors and luster with paint. Each artist brings forth her best independently. The essence of concluding peice is thus obtained from what seems to be a pre-ordained complimentary fusion of their talents. Their pieces will takes viewers away from reality. It makes peaople stare, dream and imagine. They will awaken a sense of appreciation for what collaborative art represents – a synergistic form of conveying a message by tapping into the minds and emotions of those who observe it. It is the sort of art that one is drawn to repeatedly for the depth of meaning that one can draw from it.
Writing by Viviana Puello