EWAAC London 2016 - Artist in Residence in Kyoto + EWAEE Kyoto 2017

      Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2017  

Combined with EWAEE in Kyoto

                     Do not miss this great opportunity

If you win Grand Prize of EWAAC London 2016, you can have £2000 cash or £1000 + automatic selection for our Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2017 and you can stay there for two weeks free and exhibit your works as a part of EWAEE at this fantastic Japanese style gallery for 1 week.

​All artists who enter EWAAC London 2016 are eligible to apply for participating in EWAEE Kyoto 2017 otherwise please become EWAB  member who can apply for all events that we organise for our members in the West and East.

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Japanese style beautiful gallery in Kyoto
Japanese lady owner and kind staff
We hire ground and 1st floor
Ground foor exhibition space
1st floor exhibition space
We can use Japanese exhibition room too.

Any Enquiries : [email protected]