Roger McNulty

  • Painting
  • Drawing

Artist Statement

‘Landscape exerts a subtle power over people, eliciting a broad range of emotions and meanings that may be difficult to specify. This indeterminacy of effect seems, in fact, to be a crucial feature of whatever force landscapes can have’
(W.J.T. Mitchell, Space, Place and Landscape, Landscape and Power, p.vii. 2nd edition, University of Chicago Press 1987.)

My landscape is formed from experience of wild hills, vast planes, dramatic industrial backgrounds, back to backs, towering housing blocks and Hutongs, combined with the landscape of material natural and manufactured. The reciprocity created by; the effect of landscape on us; how we affect the landscape; and how that, in turn effects us provides the principle incentive for my work. From the minute cells viewed by electron microscopic imaging to the vastness incorporated by visions from satellite images and the range of form and colour between I select my material.

The work is categorised under material or borders but inevitably the two cross each other. All material has a border and borders physical and mental are frequently built or altered by us on a microscopic and global scale.

I am fortunate to have had guidance from tutors and colleagues at Glasgow school of Art, Havering College and Central Saint Martins School of Art; the technicians and craftsmen throughout my engineering apprenticeship; and the experience of working in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as the UK.