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All members are eligible to apply for these events (Subject to T & C)

Video Artists' Benefits

Members' Benefits

1) There are three types of memberships for EW-Artbridge. 
A) Premium Membership ... for artists who passed the 1st selection of EWAAC in the past and future.
B) EWAB Membership ... for artists who will be selected and invited to join this membership by our agents.
C) Art Collectors Membership ...Art collectors who wish to meet our talented artists and buy their works.

2) All Members will be given membership-card and password to log in to 'Member's only' page on our web-site where we put updated event news. Members will also receive Newsletter for Members.

3) Our events include Artist in Residence in Kyoto and UK,  EWAEE (East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition) in Tokyo, Berlin, London, Shanghai, New York, Paris etc but please check Member's Page regularly as some events may be cancelled, added or dates may be changed (T & C).  

4) Members will be provided special member's Profile Page* (see samples below) free for one year. This can be produced easily by yourself with a manual. Member's Profile Page will be promoted worldwide and sell their works online.

5) Members can sell their works at our special art sale exhibition which will be held at our showroom in Chelsea, King's Road, central London. Also we sell our members' works on our web sites and social media.

6) Members' exhibitions will be informed to all our members and art collectors and invited to their PV (opening receptions) or special members' exchange day.

7) Members can sell works to our associated art collectors group in Japan.

8) Members can book and stay at our accommodation in Tokyo / Kyoto or UK at special member's discounted price at anytime in a year (require booking in advance).

9) We will help members and organize solo exhibition in London or Kyoto according to their budget.
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Member's Profile Page Samples

If you become our member, you will have your Profile Page like below.

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