Teresa Munn

  • Ceramics and Ink

Artist Statement

Teresa Munn writes with clay, exploring relationships with landscape.

Our earliest records were inscribed clay tablets, and there is a sense of continuity in using clay as a medium for script. Intriguing shapes and shadows are formed by 3 dimensional slip-trailed text. Shadows move with the light, echoing our hazy, shifting memories of experiences.

The work employs her own words, along with extracts of classical and contemporary poetry, such as Sheers’ verse ‘There are places that speak, Telling the stories of us and them…’
The scripts may be may be wall mounted plaques, raised above an ink background, or 3 dimensional pieces, where the words have left the page to create new forms.

Recent works include memories from those who have moved to new lands. Their stories, held in familiar landscapes, provide an anchor in turbulent times, linking the past with hopes for the future.