Yumi Nagano

  • 3D, Sculpture
  • Installation

Artist Statement
First solo exhibition was held in Osaka in 2006 and since then I have been exhibiting works at my solo and group exhibitions in Osaka, Tokyo, Kagawa etc. Currently I am active in the local area basically.. 

I often use egg shells for my installation works so people call me and also known as "egg artist"

Sometimes humorous, sometimes painful or beautiful... It's just eggs of a chicken, but none of them have same shapes and have their own personality...I paid my attention to the charm of such eggs and pursue art.  I am trying to show off the hidden potential of eggs and its power to appeal people's five senses with my works.

I cannot get out of the days to think "What is the egg ? " ... It fascinates me like a universe without end and got into the labyrinth.

Recently I am searching for new egg expressions that make use of different materials as well as works of the shell itself.