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How to Enter EWAAC 2016 ?

How did you find EWAAC 2016?
If you find us via OLIST and enter more than two or three works to EWAAC 2016 we will give you special discounted entry fees and gifts as follow.  In order to get such benefits please follow the steps below as we would like to know how our entrants find us. 
What is Profile Page
What is AIR in Kyoto? 

Registration and Payment for Entry Fees

Step -1
Decide which work and which category to enter.  You can enter up to 5 works in any six categories and even enter mixed different category (total 5 works) will be OK.
For video entry you must upload your file to VIMEO and set up 'Public' not 'Private'.
Step -2
Click top menu 'Application' and fill in the 'Registration / Entry form ' and submit.

(Note) In order to get discount entry fee just fill in like below.

Bottom part of the Entry Form

Step -3
After submit Entry Form, please pay your discounted entry fee as soon as possible. 
We accept only Paypal payment and note unique transaction ID number  as you need to write down when you submit entry work details at Step 5.
If you do not have credit card, ask your family or friend to pay for you.

Submission of images and details of your entry works (must be sent by 12 July GMT)

Step -4
Take photos of your work and put name as instructed. Each name represents work
number.  Resolution of image should be 72 dpi and height or width should be minimum 800 pixels.  For 2D-1, 2D-2, Photography require only one image (1a.jpg, 2a.jpg, 3a.jpg .....) and
3D, Installation require 3-5 images including close up/ different angle (1a.jpg, 1b.jpg, 1c.jpg...)
See details for how to make images:   Click here
Step -5
1) Click top menu 'Application' and download the   Entry Work Details form and fill in.
The form is Excel and do not change its format (xls).

2) Upload all images that you made at Step-4 to
Do not forget to write your full name and send to [email protected]
(Note) You can upload files up to 2GB free via Wetransfer but do not use Wetransfer Plus
which will be charged.  Click here  to see h ow to upload your files to Wetransfer.
Step -6
Wait for the selection results which will be announced on 1st September 2016 on this site.
If your work is selected you will receive congratulation mail and instruction for what to do next.

*If you do not have Excel, please download Open Office (free) and install in your PC.

For any questions: [email protected] 

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