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East- West Art Award Competition                   London / Kyoto 2016

Special Offer 

Only for selected artists by me.

You can enter free if you write my name

Entry deadline is on 12 July 2016 GMT

​​Why you were selected? 

EWAAC would like to keep high standard of their entry works so I was asked to select and invite my favourite good artists for this offer so it's not for any artists but you are selected artists by me.

What you have to do? 

1) You do not have to go through entry process and do not need to pay any entry fees (normally you have to pay £60 for 3 entries) at this stage.

2) You can skip entry process ( step 1 -3) and just follow Step 4 and 5 and send your work details and images. Click a link below.

3) You are allowed to enter two works free but if any of your works is selected for the finalists then you have to pay entry fee (1 work = £20 and 2 works = £40) backdated because all finalists will have big opportunity to get fablous prizes including £2000 and award (see details below).

4) If any of your works were not selected you do not have to pay any so you have nothing to lose and you were very lucky to be selected this time.

Good Luck !

Do not forget the deadline is on Tuesday, 12 July GMT 2016

Click this button to download the file

 Fill in all Entry Work Details


​​You have to put my name like below in order to get Special Offer

Upload work details and images together

      Upload images/files to Wetransfer


For any enquiry : [email protected]