Carola E. Thiele

  • Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Digital mixed

Artist Statement

Born in 1966 in East Germany. 

My work incorporates Painting, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Sound Design and Poetry.

In 2004 I have completed a 2-year study at Willes Mainhardt HAF Hamburg. This study enriched my knowledge in Painting in terms of Technique and Visual Composition.  A Correspondence Degree Course in Multimedia Design 2014 brought a new fresh perspective to my work. This has paved my way through the new Media Art and sharpened my knowledge in the latest Art-Techniques.

My current Art is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism. Therefore every work is completed with an unrealistic dream world that has a different story to tell.

In Painting I separate colors and elements from reality, whereas in Music I separate sounds and words. Independence and freedom in the artistic process nourishes my unpredictable approach. This is the challenge, that I need as a free artist, in order to develope….or at least to stay unpredictable.