Akane Yamamoto

  • Kirikane glass artist
  • Specialize Japanese traditional  Kirikane technology

Artist Statement

Kirikane, a traditional Japanese technique for decoration – cutting a gold leaf in thin strips and gilding them as patterns, is enclosed in cast glass and then the glass gets cut and polished for the finishing touch. With the fusion of the traditional Japanese technique and glass casting, the works create a feeling of Japanese-esque stories in them.

Kirikane Glass is made by applying Kirikane on glass casted in an electric kiln. This is then topped with additional glass and reheated in the kiln and fused together, before it is finally taken out to be cut and polished.
If the temperature of the kiln is not right, the laborious Kirikane designs can warp or melt, and if the fired glass is not cooled slowly and gradually, it can shatter. This is why Yamamoto uses a computerized kiln which monitors the temperatures precisely. “Kirikane Glass” is possible only through the use of both ancient technique and modern technology.